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IDEA is a fully incorporated trading and manufacturing company based in the United States of America, with a longstanding reputation in the field of home and hotel soft furnishings.


We have earned our current status as a custom maker and supplier of high quality bedroom furnishings, curtains, and other home soft furnishings with hard work and more than 25 years of experience in this field.

D. AJAMI, President

In 1984 my wife FAZI decided to design and produce a new line of home soft furnishing products for my furniture showrooms named Home and Tarashe. She was a young mother then but an expert designer. She studied professional tailoring and design with the goal of creating something truly unique that embodied royalty. That is what FazioMa represents today. Apart from marrying my wife. who is a wonderful mother, my deepest joy has been becoming the General Manager of FazioMa. IDEA is about establishing a creative and artistic environment where we can pursue innovations in the creation of our art and express our philosophy of love and responsibility. The pronoun “We” in classical Persian is pronounced “MA”. Why do we(MA) call our brand FazioMa? Because my wife’s ingenuity, love, and excellence is shared in her creations and we(MA) get to enjoy her products that have epitomized our slogan loyalty to royalty.

      D. Ajami (President).


Persia has always been a prominent culture with a history strongly associated with luxurious living, wealth, and morality. Since the fifth century BC and the great foundation of the Persian Empire by Cyrus the Great the Persian culture has been dedicated to prosperity accompanied by generosity and morality. I owe who I am to this same culture. That is why I am dedicated to creating luxurious lifestyles for others. A lifestyle surrounded with precious objects that embody aesthetics. Objects like Persian carpets, silk curtains and furniture, luxurious bedding and soft home furnishings that are imbued with lavish colors and rich materials. All created with chic skillful workmanship. Life is precious and therefore our lifestyles must have that loyalty to royalty.

    Fazi Ajami (Founder).


You feel proud and glorious in your clothing made by your favorite fashion designers, FazioMa is a home fashion designer that carries those feelings further into the most intimate and personal setting in your home. Our luxurious products bring satisfaction back into the home by enlivening every area with exhilaration and blissful peace. We know you love the people you bring into your home, FazioMa believes you should also love the environment you bring to them.


FazioMa is designer, manufacturer, distributer, and retailer of luxurious home furnishing products. These products range from bedroom collections to customized curtains, and from craftsman quality upholstery services to exquisite FazioMA signature items. The FazioMa seal means that custom products relating to home design and decorations are tailored to your specific dreams and desires.